Friday, March 16, 2012

Group Friend!

In group they encourage parents to become friends so we can have a support system. Its great because we get to talk to people that really know what we go through, and that understand. Marianne is one of those women that is in group with me, and she read something that she wrote about her son, and I asked her why she didn't blog, and she said that she didn't know how. So am going to teach her how to do things because I think she is a great writer and she totally understands her child and what Autism really is. I copy and pasted what she wrote about her son so you guys can read it as well.

His hands are flapping, his body rocking and spinning, his head is shaking/nodding repetitously-
 Noises come from afar-airplanes, police sirens, car alarms, loud music and so much more
His eyes are filled with sadness, scarce and uncertain expressions-all he wants is to be understood
People are pointing, kids are laughing and his voice is unheard-he just wants a friend...
Change all around him is surfacing, how can I stop his fears? Where is his mind going?
He may have words but still not clear-feeling confused but I keep him secure-
Why must they mock me for trying to keep him safe? Half the time-they do not even know his name
He is a child with so much ambition and ready to explore-everything he can to further his future
To not to understand his needs, his way of life, only hides your insecrutites or understandings.
He may scream at times to get  his point across-throw down his toys or want his own routine-do not look at him as being inapropriate; just see him as a child who is trying to express who he is the only way he can at hand.
Too many times others, stare and make judgements on children and how he or she is raised-but do not take enough time to understand those children with different needs feelings-they just pass them by. Not even thinking of anybody but themselves at the time-there are those who do reach out and  want to lend a hand, but sadly it is a small number of them. When we take time out to just say "hi how are you"? those words to one person can speak volumes if you are also willing to hear their stories too. Be a willing heart, be understanding to those parents struggling in difficult challenges, be open minded to those around you-only takes a minute to say "hello".

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