Monday, March 5, 2012

Parent Group Session

Today was the first parent group session for parents of Autistic kids. And it was great. It felt soooo good to talk to women that totally understood what you were going through, and that honestly have a good sense of humor about it.
We talked about sensory issues with each of our kids, of dentists who treat autistic children (which I got a name and an address, i am going to look it up because the school will ask for it this year).
We talked about how we are treated in public with our kids, how people have no idea what we go through when we are in a public place and our kid is having a meltdown because its too loud, or the lighting is wrong, or they want something that they can't have. And we get the looks "your a bad parent" look that is really annoying. I pick it from my son, if he doesn't care, am not going to care why or when other people look at him... i have no shame LOL

Its incredibly comforting that I am not alone. That there are people that are going through the same thing and sometimes they are worse than you are. Its great to express all the headaches and the joys of your child, even tho they are not the same cases or one is more advance than the other. I love this group sessions because you get to learn what other parents are doing that I might want to try, or give your opinion on what is going on with their kids, without "you have no idea what your talking about" stare. Plus, i can not imagine talking about sensory issues to a parent of a regular kid, cause the truth is, unless you research and learn about it, or you live it like many of us do, you have NO IDEA.

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