Tuesday, June 12, 2012

School Year Around for kids with Special Needs!!!

Yes, I am about to start a freaking petition, and trust me a lot of parents with kids with Autism would totally sign. Not because we want our kids to be taken care by someone else, or we want to be rid of them, NO, is because kids with Autism, and yes, I mean PDD and Asperger's, thrive on schedule and structure, they NEED to have some kind of schedule, that is how they develop faster. Is like if you let their minds rest, they can totally regress and start doing stuff that they were doing two years ago, and as a parent, you feel totally helpless!!
(And that is when the "depression" comes in, the "guilt" the "blame", and everything comes at you at once and then I go and hide for a little while and have a good cry and then I come back stronger than ever, because I put it all aside and keep on going.)
But seriously, these kids need school, they need something to do, as a parent there is so much you can do at home, because at home there are a million and three different distractions and they won't focus as well!! and not only does the child suffer, because they feel out of orbit, but when they try to go back to school or in my case (Group) they are giving the therapists and the teacher a hard time, because at least what I think goes through their mind "so i don't go school any more, I spent two weeks at home, with nothing to do but play, and now you want me to go back to Group time or to school?? why?" and as we as parents of kids with Autism, know that our kids do not think as we do, nor do they comprehend as we do, so we basically just confused the heck out our kids!! and I blame the school system.
I love my son to DEATH!! he is the center of my world.... but am about to tore out my damn hair. I have to think of different tricks to even get him to go out the door of the house so we can go to group. AND i can not do the same trick once, no no no no, because he is so freaking quick (proud mama) and he catches on! Because now he has this thing that he will not go outside, you have to MAKE him. And my son is 5 years old, almost 4 ft and weights between 58 to 60 pounds.... am 5 ft, and that's about it, ain't going to give you the rest! how dare you?! a lady never reveals their AGE! and he is strong, I mean scary I-can't-believe-your-son-is-five-he-must-have-super-powers STRONG... actually his teacher did ask me if i have had tested for super human powers.... yes, right before the MRI.... ok... so I have to wrestle him, to put on the clothes, last time I had to finish putting closes on him in the car because I just picked him and threw him in the car... and I have my arms all bruised, he has bruise (totally afraid of some one calling the cops, not only the bruises but the blood curly screams of terror that he does once I take out a pare of short to put on...) because I have physically wrestle him... but how long can I keep that up for? how long until I say "fuck it" lets not go to group and let you be a wild animal and caged in... but I wake up in the morning, and I totally ignore my twitching eye of anxiety and I do it all over again. Because he needs it, because I need it ( I go to group also every Monday) because after each night that he comes home from group, he is like the perfect little man. I just want the damn school system to work with me!!! 

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