Monday, August 20, 2012

School Started!!!

August 8th, 2012

Ok so he started school, and its been a week and a half and I thought it was going to be hell on earth. I thought there were going to be late nights and early mornings, I thought that he was going to be moody, angry, hurt, and he would feel abandoned .. yes.. I am that dramatic lol. But no, by the third day, my son would not let me hold his hand while waiting for the bus, my son would push my hand away before the bus would stop and he would walk his little self up to the bus.
He has been excited, he has come home with so much energy, he is more interactive, he is more aware, he is more himself I guess. At 9:30 we go through our usual routine of bath time, and milk and he goes to sleep by 10 and he wakes up at 6. And I am shocked, of course he has his good days and he has bad days, last week he did have one day of meltdowns, today he threw up on the bus (he has a very mild case of motion sickness, that is why he doesn't like heights, like his mama :) and his aunt Katia) but I can't go running every time he falls down or has a mild case of motion sickness, he has to learn... no matter how guilty and shitty I feel as a mother ... obviously am feeling kind of guilty today...anyways, but look at my little man for his first day of school!!!

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