Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Recovering" Autistic children

(So one of the desperate housewifes of IDK where was talking today about her son having autism, but she kept saying, we are trying to "recover" him, and that really confused me, because the whole time am saying "well, hun where did he go?" Her son spoke before he digressed and that is what am guessing that she is talking about, my son never spoke, so idk what it is to hear my son say "i love you" like her's did. But I still think that she is being a bit , I don't want to say "dilusional" but like she is still stuck on her son before he started digressing, you know what I mean? I just found it really weird, because my son is my son, he just happens to be autistic, he just happens to be socially awkward (but how many of us aren't) he just happens to be non-verbal ( well i like to think of him as a great thinker) and he just happens to learn differently (not everyone learns the same).  
And its amaizing how people think differently, some actually believe that by doing special diets and doing all this stuff their son is going to "come back" whatever that means. How can you fix a missplaced wire, or wrong fuse with a special diet??? Idk that is just me, what do you ladies think?)

This is what I wrote on CM today, because it really bothered me, and I wanted to know what the other "supermommies" as we call ourselfs think about this.
But seriously, I even twitted about it to @Anderson, where did the child go? he is still there, I just think your not really looking at him the way he is now.  Just like a person that you met in HS, might not be the same way as an adult, maybe something drastic happened in their life and they changed it, for the better or worse. And I am a true believer that what my son has, was going to happen no matter what I did, not matter what I ate while I was pregnant, no matter how many times he cried as a child and I refused to pick him up and fall for his child manipulations!! 

I truly believe that it has to do with his make up, meaning it could be genes, it could be something in his brain that is not wired like ours, idk, all I know is that this is not anyone's fault, I know that, do I sometimes dwell on it and cry because he might not give me grand babies one day, yes, yes I do, because I am human, sue me! I do know that everyone has a different believe when it comes to Autism, but this is soooo far out that i don't even know how i listened to the whole thing she was saying without changing the channel, must be because I think Anderson is good looking, idk, but she kept saying, we are trying to "recover" him, and i was like in my head am going "did he fall down a well" what?? how can you recover him? how can you fix this? with a damn diet! you think that whatever wire is misplaced can be cured with a diet?? really? it helps with the stemming ( which btw, they do to feel good, or when they are happy)  but not the actual Autism! ( Yes I think Jenny McCarthy is full of crap!) Anyways, just wanted to put out there my opinion on the matter and letting people know that not all parents of Autistic children think the same.

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