Sunday, March 24, 2013

Abc's and Ipad

Alex has made great progress in school and at home. The teacher has been concentrating in letters and words with him because he spelled "Winnie the Pooh" last month, she scrambled the letters to see if he would do it again, and of course he did.
So lately she has been singing him the abc's and his been pretty good at continuing when she stops, she even made a video of it and showed it to me. So I came home, and I thought, how can I make it better, how can I encourage him to keep going. Well, the Ipad has helped a lot already so it only made sense that I would keep going with it. But I didn't want to give him anything boring cause otherwise he would not follow along with it. So I downloaded an app that signs the abc's, which he loves music so it only made sense.

Two days later and Alex is singing the abc's!!! his only doing like the first half of it lol but he is totally responding to it and he finds it fun!

And when grandma insisted he do it again, he told her no. So not only do we get him to sing the abc's but his interacting with her by responding to her prompting lol.

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