Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saying his colors!!

So we had a bad night the night before last. He woke up screaming and didn't really calm down until an hour later when he fell asleep. When he woke up yesterday morning and we were getting dressed I told him that he was going to wear green... then he started murmuring something, and I am trying to get his jeans on and he looks at me and starts saying "green" "white" "blue" but he said kind of like boo but it was close enough also "pink" which he enjoys saying more than the other colors, and also "purple" and "black".

So this morning I knew I had some cards so when he was ready i would work on it with him, and I showed him and he looked at me and knew what they were so instead of saying it after me, he grabbed them from me and sat on the floor in his room and started putting them in order and repeating them, you have to listen carefully cause he still saying it a little bit rough around the edges lol

And for some reason, he says Pink, and I didn't have any pink lol he likes saying it I think.
The point is, for a child that wasn't saying anything a month ago, his doing great, first he started spelling, then he started saying the abc's and now he is saying his colors... am a proud mommy of an autistic child :)

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