Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh Summer...

Here we go, another summer. Except is not summer yet "officially" anyways, here we have spring, unlike FL lol, so it rains a lot and there are plenty of storms. And Alex can't go outside every day and play :( so he decides to drive everyone crazy or find stuff to do.. except you never know what he is going to do, he might start playing with pots and pans, he might aligned all his trucks in his room, he might make me change his dvd 100 times today so he can walk out of the room and go to another to watch his IPAD O-o.. which drives me insane. There has been a few days that he has gone out side:

 He is most happy when he is outside, he loves to play with water, he loves to wonder (he has to be watched at all times), he loves to follow butterflies, he loves when dad grabs his guitar and lets him play with the strings.... OH summer, when we also have the meltdowns and the lack of structure, the lack of schedule and the anxiety ... the fear that he will forget everything that he has learned, that he stops saying his abc's and stops repeating words... *sigh* you just help him along and remind him every day, and hope that he doesn't take 5 steps back, and that he continues to stay happy.

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