Monday, July 22, 2013

We went tot he Zoo!!!

So we decided sense the his school teacher wants to do a field trip this new school year to do a test run and go the Zoo our selfs first. And let me tell you I though we were going to have to rent a cart, we thought it was going to be a horrific and screaming experience. But to our wonderful surprise his natural curiosity came out and he wanted to look at anything and everything, he loved the fishes and the big tanks:
He loved the loved the Seal and her tricks, he enjoyed that very much.
We even had issues taking him away from there cause he enjoyed it so much. He looked at the turtles:
All in all, we had a great day, we walked the whole entire park for 2 hours, he never complained about being tired, ever, we even got on a carousel at the end of the park ... twice! we made him watch first just in case and he wanted to do it so we did it. He never cease to amaze me...

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