Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer setbacks!!

Ok so its summer, Alex spent two weeks and a half weeks without school nor therapy, I tried to keep him occupied, between taking him to the park each morning for 2 hours everyday and buying a small pool and trampoline so he can play in the yard.... but now, his having some set backs... he doesn't want to go out, now my son LOVES and I mean LOVES the out doors, more than I can say for myself and my husband lol but he loves the outdoors, he loves being outside and running and wondering and discovering... lately, I go and open his closet which to him it usually means we are going out side "lets get dressed" ... he totally panics, he starts screaming and taking whatever item of clothing that i have in my hand and putting it back in the closet.
To the point that he kicks me out of his room. We are also having set back with his schedule, which to tell you the truth, it was to be expected sense he has no schedule, its summer, so he has no fit schedule and that totally takes him out of his element. Which means he can go to sleep one day at 6 in the afternoon and the next day at 2 in the morning, which he has been doing the later for the past two nights, because he has no schedule.
Again I was ready for that. But still, its hard, for the past two days we both have slept basically only 5 hours a night.

Another unfortunate things is, its summer and people want to go to water parks or go other public places and they invite us, but they don't really know or realize that I can't take Alex every where, I want to, but if is an unfamiliar place with tons of people is a recipe for disaster in our lives and many people, friends and family don't realize what that does to Alex. If his not going to enjoy himself because he is in a strange place with lots of people, then there is no point guys, there really isn't. We know the reality of our lives, we understand who is our son, and am not going to put him in a situation where he might feel stress or totally confuse just to make someone else happy, or make someone else pretend in their miniature little brains that we are "NORMAL" whatever the heck that means. Even before we had Alex I realized that I wasn't normal, am me, unique and extremely sarcastic and anti-social, way before my son was born, you can ask my family... for real.

Part of the reason that I have this blog, is to make people understand that Autism is a real thing. Is something that we have to live with every day of our lives. We live with fear, everyday, my son doesn't speak, my son has no sense of danger, imagine putting my son in a crowded room or in a crowded public place, and I turn my head for one second, just one second, and he freaking runs off and I can't find him, now, how would I find him? he won't be able to tell someone he is lost? he won't be able to call for me... so then what? what do I do then? is not about having a spoiled brat for a kid, or an overly active child, is not, is about having a child with Autism! with real sensory issues and real developmental delays...

Today, I have to physically drag him to the car so he could go to therapy today, and so I could go to therapy today and discuss with therapist the anxiety issues that am having when I have to fight my son physically so he can even get in the car.... and then I have people ask me to go to water parks and other places with lots of people so I can physically wrestle my son to have a good time .... rightttttt!

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