Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Can't Speak!

I was on CNN this morning and I came across an article from Cherry Hill NJ about a father of a 10 year old Autistic boy, who has mild to severe autism and he is some what non verbal, who was being told by his teachers that his son was become violent. Now I strongly believe that most Autistic kids are not naturally violent, they don't hurt people or throw things because they want to hurt, they do this things because they can't communicate how frustrated they are, or angry, or sad, they just can not express themselves.
And in this case we see a father that truly knows his son, and he knows that his son is not violent, his a loving happy ten year old boy. So he wires his son and send him to school, and that night what he hears in that recording explains why his son is violent and not because he is being bullied by other kids, or because his just violent, no, is because the teachers and aids in the class room are the ones doing the bullying.
Imagine for a second, but yourself in this father's shoes, you have a ten year old boy who can't tell you that his teacher are calling him names or that they are hurting his feelings, and imagine how helpless you will feel as a parent, and imagine the guilt of knowing that you were sending him to that class with those people.
The father took the recording to the school, the aid got fired, but the teacher were moved to another classroom, allowing them to be around children, allowing them to keep working, keeping everything quiet.
Its incredibly disturbing that the school system is not acknowledging what is going on, the opposite, they are trying to cover it up.
And the father only wants an apology, he is not going to sue the school, there is no law suit, he just wants a public apology from the teachers acknowledging that they did something wrong, so this man can tell his son one that it wasn't his fault.
And you know the worse part, Autistic children have no malice, they don't understand that there is people out there that are willing to hurt you, they don't have a bad bone in their body. They are even unable to LIE!! Yes, they are incredible smart, at least my son uses his Autism against me, but I am proud of that, am glad he does that, because that tells me that he is bright, smart and sneaky lol but his unable to lie, he is unable to recognize bad people.

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