Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Autism not diagnosed as early in minority children... Wth??

Ok so I have been reading on Twitter and on the news how minorities are being diagnosed later than white kids..

Seriously is not enough that we have to deal with the diagnosis of Autism and now we have to make it a racial issue?? The problem I don't think is the race of the families, I believe is on the doctors. I have encountered several overbearing and condescending doctors, who don't listen to you and give you the run around.

Because for some reason, there are some doctors who don't listen to the parents (the ones with the child 24/7) they just believe what they want and don't even diagnosed the kids because what they believe goes.

When Alex was 1 1/2, the neurologist told us there was nothing wrong with Alex. That people were wrong to want a child that age to follow rules and to even listen to parents, basically he said that Alex had the terrible two's... we have been having the terrible two's for a while now by his diagnosis...

So please parents, you know your child best, if you think there is something wrong with your child and your doctor is not listening go for a second opinion, a third a fourth, these is the life of your child especially if you suspect he has special needs.
It does not matter what race you are, you have to make your doctor's listen to you!

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