Friday, February 3, 2012


Ok, so I was on CM yesterday and someone put this video up and I was absolutely blown away by it. Carly is a young teenager from Canada, who has Autism, well what the "experts" define as "Severe Autism".
And I watched it, and I made my husband watch it, and then I made my MIL watch it, and I put it on FB and I got a lot of positive responses.
And after watching it, I looked at Alex and I almost said "Shit" and then I realized... his actually most likely listening to everything I say. And I know he does listen, he is responding very well to everyone, following directions and everything, so now, this video kind of proofed what I have been feeling for a long time.
Just because he can't speak, just because his outputting noises, it doesn't mean his not listening to me, and you actually see the things that she talks about in Alex. The outputting noise, the hand flapping, everything that he does, he does for a reason, and I always understood, that there were some things that he could not help doing, so I would leave it alone because I am not going to fight something that he himself can't control, at least that was my way of thinking, and it turns out... i was half way there.
Now we see Alex in a whole different way, I told my husband, once you see this, it will totally change the way you think about Alex, and when he was done watching it, he was like, wtf? he was like your right!
We now see him in a different, more positive light. And it gives us hope, no one knows if what happened to Carly is something that is standard, or something she can only do, but it gives us hope that one day he will pick up the computer and type up something, anything. Or that at least, he will find a way to communicate somehow.
Anyways, watch the video guys, its something that we all have to celebrate.

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