Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Therapy Session with MIL.

Today was the first session with my MIL and the therapist Kourtney and a translator. Side note, I could have done a better job at translating than this lady, for real, I understand that she did not understand what the session was about, but she was mainly misinterpreting was Kourtney was saying, whatever, the point was with my help the damn point got across.
So, mainly what Kourtney was telling her was that she needed to do in steps if Alex had a meltdown. And to also start setting boundaries with him.
We also explained to her that when Alex grabs my hand, he lets me know what he needs or wants, that I don't just make it up (Alex grabs my hand and my MIL asks me whats wrong, at first I would tell her idk, then it was hold on, it came to a point that I would not answer) so now she knows that if Alex grabs her hand she needs to let him show her what he wants or what he needs.
Also if the boundaries that she sets is not working with him, then someone needs to step in and help. Also that she needs to be firm, even in the face of a meltdown, and if she can't handle the meltdown, then she needs to walk away.
The first question that was asked "how do you feel about the situation with Alex" her response was "its sad, because no one wants to deal with a special needs child" and she was honest, and she expressed her feelings. Until finally we got to the core of the problem... she feels bad, it hurts her to see that he is not understanding or coping with a situation and his having a meltdown, it gives her anxiety when he has anxiety, but Kourtney told her that she had to take a hold of herself and use self control.
A thing with Alex, you can't show a moment of weakness, no moment of hesitation, he sees it, he smells it I swear LOL and he knows right now who the weakest link is in the house is, he knows when your giving in and how to do it, he has actually sat down next to his father and screamed his head off knowing that daddy gets desperate, with me he has tried every thing, but Mommy don't play that!
So, we are going to have another session next week, but with another translator... hopefully.

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